To be your brand friend

It's as simple as that.

As a true friend, we are going to share ideas and emotions with you.

We might also think differently from you, but at the end of the day, we will always be by your side,

through the years, to support your brand with our design.  

Because you never get a second chance to make a good first impression.



Nicoletta Cavallazzi
Partner/Creative director

Through the two decades of her career Nicoletta has always carried on her academical experience while actively working as a designer.

After getting a Degree in Architeture at the Politecnico di Milano she joined the Industrial Design Department of the University, teaching both at the Visual Communication Laboratory and at the Brand Design Master. Since 2000 she has been teaching  Packaging within the BA Course of Graphic Design at the School of Visual Communication at IED in Milan.

As a designer she developed her experience working with some of the most relevant Branding and Packaging Design companies in Milan, such as Robilant&Associati and RBA Design.

Though growing a wide range of competences she developed a very peculiar know how in  food&beverage packaging design and, even more, in wine labeling. 

Personal Portfolio

Leveraging on this experience she co-founded Copernica to fully express her view of brand design, where both academical background and robust methodology build the basis on which creativity can fully express its potential.

You can contact Nicoletta at :
Nicoletta Cavallazzi  
Andrea Stefani
Partner/Business development
Andrea spent the first part of his career in the financial industry. In the late 90’s he co-founded Investnet, which soon became market leader in online trading as ASP distributor of the RealTick platform. In 2007, as IWBank acquired 100% of the company, he became sales manager for institutional customers at IW, focusing since then on the sales of brokerage services. He also represented IW as a member of board of the Luxembourg SICAV the bank was promoting. At the beginning of 2012 he founded Copernica to eventually fully express his passion for marketing, and, why not, for food&beverage, focusing on business development. As the next step of his long lasting relationship with banks and asset managers, in Copernica Andrea also created and personally runs a line of business dedicated to the third party marketing of financial services for institutional investors. As his main hobby Andrea has been a football referee since his teens. He’s been an assistant referee for 15 years in Serie A, UEFA and FIFA competitions, such as UEFA Champions League, UEFA Euro 2012 in Poland&Ukraine and FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil.
You can contact Andrea at :
Andrea Stefani



As a milestone of your business, your brand design is worth being cared as a long term strategy. We are going to work together in defining, positioning, creating and managing your brand.

On the other hand, launching a new product might seem a short term goal. But naming and packaging design  are the consumer’s initial experience of the product and of brand corporate identity. We support you in building a new product identity while keeping faithful to your parent brand and your existing brand portfolio.

And even if your business is not involved with consumer goods you can’t help focusing on your corporate identity as a strategic pillar.  We are going to translate this into a positioning, a corporate signature, a motto. 

We want your brand value proposition to be the icon of each communication item of your company, whether it comes to websites, brochures or simply business cards.

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